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Our Values



We concentrate on the individual needs of our clients and on providing services of a high quality.

We respond flexibly and with a long-term view when advising our clients.

We protect the legitimate privacy of our clients.

We strive for satisfaction, continuity and mutual trust in all our business relationships.

We rely on highly qualified, service minded, loyal and reliable employees.

We cultivate openness and respect in our team. We are friendly and helpful and can identify ourselves with our firm.

We take responsibility for our employees and care for their professional and personal development. We lead our team by way of example and with transparency.

We take care of our profitability in order to ensure a sustainable and continuous development of the firm.

We are an independent, internationally orientated firm and take responsibility for our location by maintaining constructive relationships with the authorities, lobby groups and society in general.


Code of Conduct

As a modern business, at Continor Fiduciary Establishment we have committed ourselves to a code of conduct, as a result of which our entrepreneurial activities are characterised by integrity and law-abidance.